Detective agency

In our detective agency asked a resident of Saudi Arabia, who asked to look for a girl from Ukraine with whom he was going to get married. He said that she now lives with her parents and they have an agreement that she will not go to nightclubs and entertainment public places after nine o’clock in the evening.

After the transfer of the original information, photos of the girl and the address of her residence, the agency’s employees installed an external observation during which it was checked that the girl only communicates with relatives and friends and always returns home before 21:00.

Detective agency

Also during the observation, all contacts with the male half were checked and it was found that the contacts were friendly and of a purely business nature, as evidenced by the behavior of the girl and the men in contact with her.

In the appendix to the report photos and video materials were provided.

Our detective agency advises to strengthen relations to remove all doubts and trust the partner.

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