About us

Detective Agency “Infos” is designed to help people solve their problems, when the police do not want to or can not solve these problems, or when a person considers an appeal to law enforcement impractical.

In its work, the detective agency “Infos” uses the following principles:

  • Professional secrecy with regard to the data and information obtained in the course of its business, which is designed exclusively for the client.
  • Compliance with the legislation of Ukraine, the rejection of action expressly prohibited by Ukrainian legislation, compliance with standards and requirements of national security, public order and morality.
  • Event management to customer without prejudice to the rights of other persons in their intimate, family and private life, or other fundamental rights and freedoms of the persons concerned.
  • Access for all persons, who need assistance of a private detective.
  • Customer service at the highest level, or if the client’s wishes will go beyond the competence of a private detective, send it to a specialist who can help him.
  • Adhere to the tactics of the order, which is in no way jeopardizes the image and reputation of the client.
  • Regular and to the extent necessary, on the basis of previous agreements reached for informing the client about the progress and results of the work, commissioned by the constant support of the dialogue with the customer.
  • Respect for the wishes of the client, and plan further deystvovy based on them, except for the cases when the force of gravity discovered facts, circumstances, documents, according to the law detective agency must report to law enforcement agencies.
  • Private detective, who works in our agency shall give due consideration to each of the instructions, management agencies and perform them with interest and enthusiasm at the highest professional level.
  • A private detective is guided by the principle that from a professional point of view, no one is more important to him than his client. He is obliged to treat the customer fairly, correctly, faithfully, efficiently and to the highest professional level.
  • Private detective investigated their cases shall demonstrate honesty, integrity, diligence, resourcefulness and professional perseverance in order to establish all the circumstances and the truth to the smallest detail.