Services of detective agency

Detective services
  • private investigations;
  • identification of adultery, perhaps with the provision of photo and video reports;
  • identifying biographical and other data characterizing personality, check marital status;
  • assist parents in monitoring the teenager, the formation of his social circle, the analysis of the behavior of a teenager in order to prevent negative consequences (leaving home, offenses, drug addiction, alcoholism, etc.).
  • data validation, declared itself the persons registered in the services of dating and marriage agencies;
  • investigation of road accidents;
  • checking work quality domestic staff (nannies, governesses, maids);
  • wanted persons (missing, hiding debtors, swindlers, former colleagues, classmates, lost contact with whom, etc..)
  • asset tracing;
  • assist lawyers (information gathering, data validation, tracing witnesses, setting their exact location, setting the availability property of the defendant - the person or entity in order to ensure the claim, the advice in the preparations for the intended purpose and forensics, as well as the feasibility of their implementation, as well as other operational instructions);
  • assistance in cooperation with law enforcement agencies;
  • identification of cases of illegal collection of information about persons (surveillance, covert video and audio surveillance, counter surveillance services).
Consultation was carried out on all types of forensic examination:
  • graphology (the study of handwriting and signatures, diagnostics features handwriting, handwriting and signature identification);
  • Techno Forensics examination of documents;
  • Fingerprinting (research traces of hands);
  • trasological (any study of static and dynamic tracks such as traces of shoe soles, damage by cars, etc.);
  • ballistic studies (studies of firearms and traces of its application);
  • examination of arme blanche
  • Portrait (identification of the person on the grounds of appearance);
  • special expertise.
Technical - providing forensic investigations:
  • holding a private inspection of the scene, the search to identify and fix the evidence: traces of fingers, traces of shoes, microparticles;
  • advice on the use of special technical and forensic tools (installation of chemical traps, warehouses and offices, label chemical reagents of inventories, banknotes, computer components in order to identify theft, the use of other special equipment).

Information security

  • Computer security and database security.
  • Services of computer detective and Internet security
  • Information security audit
Business security
  • conduct comprehensive inspections of business;
  • conducting internal investigations;
  • Identification and documentation of violations, the collection and recording of evidence, preparation of documents for access to law enforcement, the court;
  • investigate the facts of accounts receivable;
  • surveillance of employees in order to prevent detection of fraud, theft, embezzlement;
  • identification of pirated soft, counterfeit goods;
  • monitoring the performance of employees and officials of the company of their duties, the performance of corporate requirements and adherence of trade secrets;
  • check contractors, staff, partners;
  • risk management at the conclusion of contracts and transactions;
  • carrying out test purchases, activities "mystery shopping";
  • implementation of our employees in the labor collective to identify and document violations and negative trends in the enterprise;
  • screening potential candidates for the job in the company, the reliability of the declared them in the summary information, psychological testing, participation in the interviews;
  • insurance fraud investigation, validation of details of insurance claims;
  • corporative audit of security ;
  • consultation in the sphere of security (security, economic trends, internal and external security).