Detective services Ukrainian

Detective services Ukrainian. If even 10 years ago, the services of a detective were considered widespread abroad, but not with us, nowadays more and more Ukrainian citizens are convinced: the services of a detective are a worthy alternative to our militia.

Detective services Ukrainian

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The specialists of our detective agency are ready to help you in solving your problems, to find a way out even from the most difficult and confusing situations.

Detective Services Ukrainian

By providing detective services, the basic principles of our work are individual approach, quality, reliability, confidentiality.

Among the main services provided by the detective agency are:

Detective services related to marriage and family relations:

  • the establishment of the facts of treason in family life;
  • checking the integrity of spouses, the groom, the bride, the loved one;
  • development of a set of measures aimed at restoring or breaking personal relationships;
  • control over the behavior of the person of interest at work, during rest, business trip or other situations;
  • the establishment of true information and intentions of the person who is with you in correspondence, including on the Internet;

ascertaining the facts of marriage scams.

Detective Services Ukrainian related to private detective investigations:
  • Investigation of personal everyday situations;
  • investigating actions that have signs of a criminal offense or an administrative offense (theft, damage, etc.);
  • investigation of fraud, etc.

Detective services related to the collection of information about an individual, the subject of entrepreneurial activity, registration data on vehicles and real estate.

Private detective services for tracing:

  • persons missing;
  • the establishment of the actual place of residence of a certain person;
  • search for missing property.

And also legal services and operational support of cases, representation of interests in state bodies.

If you did not find in the list of our services, those private detective services that you need, contact our administrators, as a rule, it is impossible to describe the whole spectrum.

If you need high-quality private detective services, a detective agency in Kiev and Ukraine, we will be happy to help, call Us!

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