Private detective Ukraine

Private detective Ukraine is based on the principles of the rule of law, legality, disposability, objectivity and impartiality, respect for the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of individuals and legal entities, respect for human dignity, integrity, independence of subjects of private detective (search) activity, confidentiality and professional secrecy, interaction with law enforcement bodies, public authorities and local self-government bodies, enterprises, institutions , organizations and citizens.

Each private detective Ukraine of our agency undergoes the appropriate training to carry out high-quality, private detective (search) activities.

Private detective Ukraine

Detective agency in Kiev, a private detective Ukraine is not a new phenomenon for our country, despite the fact that the issue of legislative regulation of activity for many years is under consideration in the Verkhovna Rada, private detectives, found the opportunity to do work in the legal field by registering themselves as private entrepreneurs with Oued private investigator or security firms, bar associations and journalists providing services on the basis of everything that is not forbidden by the law directly.

It also remains unresolved the question of cooperation at the international level with detective agencies and private detectives foreign governments to investigate crimes and search of persons hiding from the investigation on the territory of other states.

In recent years, around the world there is, sadly, a significant increase in crime, which causes natural concern to all organs, leading to her struggle. In particular, in the final document, signed by members of the United Nations Committee on Crime Prevention, said: “There was a time when the patient is no longer a virtue, when good intentions not enough when a human tragedy becomes so deep that honest people should either find effective measures to combat crime or lose respect for themselves. “The decision to legally issue of international cooperation opens the possibility of an effective fight against crime, without bureaucratic obstacles.

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